While people are tirelessly working to spur the economy in Malawi, the public at large is left in the darkness as to whether the future holds some joy.

This year may as described as “the flames year” owing to the shocking frequency of fire accidents.

Several markets like Mbayani and others in Malawi’s cities of Lilongwe, Mzuzu, and Blantyre have been in flames. The arguably misterious fire which did gut the MEC warehouse in Lilongwe; Unirversal Industries in Mzuzu; and the recent occurrence that damaged property at the Lilongwe Standard Bank Branch.

But we need to be vigilant if we are to register a robust economy.

The national authorities are under social obligation to establish fire brigade units in all the districts with sufficient human resource and equipment.

All stakeholders in criminal justice system are expected to be very cautious, for some of these fire incidents could be arson.



Yesterday a young man wanted meat as relish for lunch.

He trod to the bush, hunting, with a catalput in his hand. He stoped on the edge of a torrent river.

A bird flew over the water in the river. He took a stone, and aimed his catapult at the bird. 0f course he did not miss it, but he could not take it for relish at at home, for it was carried away by the water.

Silly notion.


Education in the Malawi’s central district of Ntcheu continues to get disturbed by violence.

The management of Nachitheme Secondary School has, today, sent parking students, for they threatened to use violence as a way of venting out their discontentment over some matters.

This sad development comes only four days after property worthy millions of Malawi Kwacha got damaged by the students at Ntcheu Secondary School.


Ridiculous language falls in various tongues, and/or gestures.

An example is when those in political power promise that there will never be will-nilly termination of lawful contracts. But sooner than later, you hear confirmed reports that several officers have been dismissed from their posts. And the next you hear is that the same national authorities have allocated about K20b from the taxpayer’s money to compensate all the fired personnel.

Telling you that your money shall be used to compensate the unjustifiably fired officers is quite ridiculous.

With an ailing economy, Malawians have been pressed hard for several years.

However some individuals have come up with diverse ways of sustaining their meagre financial resources. One of such ways is an establishment of kitchen gardens in their respective homes.

Apparently this initiative impresses me a lot, for it helps cut daily food expenditures thereby achieving micro savings.